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1960s makeup is perhaps one of the most recognizable of the vintage styles of makeup, whether you choose to go for doll-like makeup of Twiggy (above) or a more sophisticated Mad Men style look, it’s definitely all about the eyes…

Aug 31 2014


Ocean Point, Maine  |  Rowland Williams

Storm Sorceress’ Resources: Rain Water


Rain water indicates water fallen without thunder or lightning.

I’m going to separate rain into three categories, based upon the strength at which it falls, in order to explain my personal associations.

1. A Light Mist:

  • A brief cooling down. (ex. Resting your energy on a project.)
  • Encouraging blossoming. (ex. Promoting new talents.)
  • To make wet, or lubricate. (ex. To get projects moving along.)

2. Medium:

  • Cleansing. (ex. Cleaning a room after sickness.)
  • Washing away obstacles. (ex. Push aside the challenges that discourage your creativity.)
  • Promoting growth. (ex. Learning a lesson.)

3. Downpour

  • Banishing negativity. (ex. Ridding negative habits and people from your life.)
  • Erasing. (ex. Ridding memories.)
  • Flooding. (ex. Overwhelming feelings, or strong increase in inspirations.)

You don’t have to limit yourself to collecting the water in a jar, and waiting for another day to use it. Keep it as simple or as advanced as you wish. You can write down a project you’d like to move along, and allow a misty rain to wet it. Write all of your obstacles down on a chalkboard, wet a paper towel in medium rain, and wash them away. Soak pictures of memories you no longer want to keep.

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Sea Scrying


Sea Scrying is the practice of concentrating on the Ocean’s surface until visions appear that can signify a deeper understanding of the past, present, or future events. Sea Scrying is another method of Scrying with the exception of strictly working with the transformative powers of the Ocean instead of any other source of water or with any regular translucent surfaced tool. 

Different ways to Sea Scry:

  • Going to the nearest beach you can go to to sit near the seashore or near a rock pool. Observe shapes and shadows in the salt water, seafoam, or the clouds that are reflected in the water. 
  • Collecting salt water and using it in a bowl of your choosing for later use at your convenience.
  • Collecting salt water to bless an Ocean themed black scrying mirror, bowl, or any scrying tool that you use. (Scrying mirrors and bowls can be decorated with seashells, seaglass, and driftwood to give it an Ocean feel).
  • Use a netted glass fishing float and toss it into the Sea to scry with it as it floats half submerged in the water. A glass fishing float (or any crystal ball) can also be used while sitting at the seashore and holding it near your face while looking out at the Ocean through it.

The Sea can be generally used for any reason you have for scrying. However, every condition that the Sea is in during your scrying experiences emits it’s own energy and magical properties that you can use with a relevant reason for scrying. Take the time to work with every tide and condition the Sea is in and see what experiences you can have with them:

  • Calm Sea - Scrying while the Sea is calm can be used for matters involving inner peace, serenity, bringing stability into your life, and for anyone that you have a peaceful bond with. 
  • Stormy/Cloudy Sea - Scrying near the Sea on a cloudy, windy, and mildly stormy day can be used for overcoming life’s obstacles and hardships, major life changes, recovering from loss, illness, debt - etc. 
  • Sunlit Sea - Scrying during a Sunlit Sea is good for matters involving your ambitions, goals, creativity, happiness, prosperity, and health. Generally anything positive that’s in your life or anything that’s in need for an extra boost.
  • Moonlit Sea - Scrying with moonlit Sea water is for intuition, emotions, love, romance, relationships, children, fertility, protection, and for mending quarrels.
  • Flow/Incoming Tide - Scrying during the incoming tide is for new beginnings, creative endeavors, luck, asking for bestowed blessings, and generally for bringing all positive things towards you.
  • Ebb/Outgoing Tide - Scrying during the outgoing tide is for breaking bad habits and addictions, debt, unwanted relationships, for banishing and binding spells, and for letting go of any negative influence.

Note: Rock pools are little pools by the seashore that protect many different kinds of creatures, such as starfish, anemone, sea slugs - etc - that are living in constant changing conditions. Some rock pools may also be more shallow than they appear. Please always be considerate and careful when going near a rock pool.

I don’t advice going to Scry during harsh weather conditions or during late night hours. Scrying while the weather is mildly windy before a storm for you to go to collect salt water before the storm hits is more practical and safe, as is going to collect moonlit water before nighttime while the Moon is still visible through out the day.

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all my babies arrived from Toronto 



Amazing spoke guard art for my wheelchair done by my lovely cousin (go check her out)!!! 65 Pink Roses for Cystic Fibrosis :)

Oh my god, so cute. Brb, dying.